Yabusame's dream after the events of Evanescent Existence.
Playable characters: Yabusame and Tsubakura

Move with: up/down/left/right arrows
Shoot with: Z
Focus with: X
Bomb with: SPACE BAR

Ignore the Shot bonus (it only gives you extra score)

To unlock Tsubakura  you'll have to beat the game with Yabusame first.

or watch the credits????

Len'en project belongs to Jynx
The music belongs to Jynx
The characters belong to Jynx

Len'en website:


Special thanks to Marios1234Gr
and all the players!

Updated 28 days ago
Tags2d-shooter, Bullet Hell, danmaku, stg

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really good, I feel like that giant difficulty spike near the end is a bit rough though, considering the beginning is kind of easy. but for the engine this was made on, this is REALLY good!


Thank you!